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    A wealth of business intelligence on business groups in Tampa Bay. Detailed information on hundreds of business groups and associations. Because to sell to business you need to be where the business people are.
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  • How To Manage A Job Search Book CoverHow To Manage A Successful Job Search
    Explains the key steps everyone should take in hunting for a job, but also how to then keep the search going, how to assess a job search and make changes to keep it going well.
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  • Email Marketing 101 Boook CoverEmail Marketing 101
    Learn to start and build a solid permission based email list, get your audience to open, read and act on your emails, then use your results to hone your email marketing program as you progress.
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  • Access Tampa Bay Book CoverAccess Tampa Bay
    The Networking Guide to professional and personal rewards in Tampa. Hundreds of references of how to access business and cultural rewards in Tampa Bay.
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  • Eric Sturm profileAuthor and lecturer Eric Sturm enables people in the necessary tasks of networking and promoting business.

    He is a passionate expert who provides tools and training that enables people to make the most out of the business opportunities in Tampa Bay.

    His calendar work has been in demand by the Saint Petersburg Times, TBT and Tampa Bay Business Journal as well as his occasional features and articles in area newspapers 

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  • Tampa Options Business Calendar Writing LogoSubstantial Hillsborough software contract attracts national attention.
    Tampa Bay Business Journal
    Published March 25th, 2011.
  • Nearly a dozen proposals from businesses vying to win a $40 million chick of businesses for the purchase, implementation, maintenance and support of a new enterprise resource planning software system. The goal is to improve efficiency at the Hillsborough County government.
  • Introducing the Bid Report
    Tampa Bay Business Journal
    Published April 15th, 2011.
  • This week, we’re launching The Bid Report, a new occasional feature that will primarily be found in our print edition. Working with freelancer Eric Sturm who provides our Weekly Connections material on Page 3 of the print edition, here’s a selection from of business opportunities culled from a variety of Tampa Bay area government procurement sites. Hopefully, for some readers, these will be great starting points to develop business and relationships.

  ‘Cowork’ spaces gaining exposure, popularity and potential
Tampa Bay Business Journal

Feb. 11th, 2011
There might be a new home for nomadic tribes of tech entrepreneurs. ‘Cowork’ spaces, already successful in Baltimore, Austin, Orlando and many other cities, are shared working environments for freelancers, self-employed, road warriors and any of the workforces that do not normally work in offices. It offers a social gathering for collaboration and connectivity with value stemming from the informal, self-directed and self-filtering of the nomad-workers community.

"Grassroots" Tampa Rail Organization has Deep-Pocketed Backers That
Stand to Profit

The Tampa Bay Partnership is Moving Hillsborough Forward
Published Monday, October 11, 2010 in the Bradenton Herald
The self-described grassroots organization campaigning for rail in Tampa, known as Moving Hillsborough Forward, seems to be a front group operated wholly by the Tampa Bay Partnership. The Partnership is accused of misrepresenting themselves to the public for the purpose of influencing the vote to suit their own interests.

Tech Talent Gathers in Tampa - Iphone Development Camp
The technology talent of Florida is converging on Tampa for three days of collaboration, creation and inspiration at the Museum of Science and Industry for an iPhone Development Camp.

Xzanthia Moving On
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times
Xzanthia means teacher-collector of souls; she is a leader, connector, creator and creative dynamo who chose the name because she is people focused and a community builder.

In this party you roam in the foam
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times
Take your summer partying to a new level. You may have done wet and wild, you may have done a foam party but here is the chance for a naked alien foam party as the Riverboat Resort.

The hero behind Tampa Bay's own Comic Con
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times
t had been three of four years since Tampa hosted a comic book convention. Enter Tim Gordon. The science teacher at Monroe Middle School in Tampa was just a comics aficionado, but he knew there would be support for a show in the area. So he turned to local shop owners, comics companies and artists for support. An in November 2011, Gordon hosted the first Tampa Comic Book and Toy Convention at a hotel in Tampa.

Signing off with an X
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times

Xzanthia refers to herself as a "teacher-collector of souls". Through festivals, parties, and an artists-colony sense of camaraderie, the Pasco County performance artist created an enclacve of creativity and diversity at the Riverboat Nudist Colony in Land O' Lakes. Her work with the band Impotent Sea Snakes, her Xbash Music Festival and her ledgendary foam parties have made her a fixture of Tampa Bay's underground art scene.

Nico Stearly Rising Star Profile
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times

Sharon Gwozdz Rising Star Profile
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times

Pye N. Young Rising Star Profile
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times

Lori Ballard Rising Star Profile
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times

Lacey B. Smith Rising Star Profile
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times

Kate Whatley Rising Star Profile
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times

Kari Goetz Rising Star Profile
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times

Jenna Anne Becker Rising Star Profile
As published in the Saint Petersburg Times

Jobs Defining The Tampa Bay Economy
The effects of our long and deep recession has not yet played itself out in Tampa Bay according to Sean Snaith, director of the University of Central Florida's Institute for Economic Competitiveness.

Second U.S. Colored Infantry Regiment and Tampa
We must always keep in mind that history is a living and changing reflection of our culture. The past does change as our viewpoint and or knowledge of it changes. We can lose lessons and experiences our culture earned when this happens. The history of African-Americans fighting in the Civil War and in Tampa is part of the forgotten past.

Connecting Clearwater Young professionals
The Clearwater Chamber’s commitment to facilitating engagement between business’, governments and the community at large has lead the Chamber to create the dynamic self directed the Clearwater Young Professionals.

Rock Your Spirit and Business
Terez of Rock My Spirit is a motivational speaker, coach, musician, publisher, writer, composer and entrepreneur who has the secret to keeping your job hunt and or business focused and encouraged.

Change Your Mind on the Job Hunt
Staci Backauskas is an expert at change; she has reinvented her career as well as her beliefs and values many times. Her experience benefits the job seeker looking for a new career in this tough job market.

St Pete Sunset Rotary
The new high energy Rotary club focusing on the needs of the modern urban young professional is the St Pete Sunset Rotary Club which meets every Thursday in downtown Saint Petersburg.

Shove Off From Downtown Tampa
Minutes from downtown Tampa you can take to the waves with no training to learn and enjoy both the act of and culture of sailing with the safety of pros from the Davis Island Yacht Club Thursday Night Races.

Temple Terrace Chamber Young Elite Professionals
Meets 5-7pm on the last Wednesday of each month at a different location, costing only $10; the next meeting is May 26th at Antonio's Pasta Grille, 11401 N. 56 St. Tampa.

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